Discworld 2022

Discworld 2022

Well – here I am, back from Discworld 2022, where I had the most fabulous time.

I will admit to some apprehension, never having attended one of these conventions before, but I needn’t have worried – everything was wonderful. There was so much fun, some truly stupendous costumes, and so many lovely people – all united by a love of Sir Terry Pratchett and his world. As someone dashing past paused and shouted to me, ‘I have found my tribe,’ before dashing off again, obviously concerned they might miss something.

And there was a lot going on. I personally presided over two Klatches – small meetings where we were able to discuss books, plots, characters – everything under the sun!

Followed by a book signing where the queue stretched out of the door and down the corridor. Someone had brought a cheese for me to sign. So I did. It made a right mess of my pen, I can tell you. If anyone is aware of the existence of a cheese-signing implement, please let Hazel know.

Then there was an interview with Hazel and the audience which was enormous fun. There was a Q&A session at the end AND I knew the answer to some of them so yay me!

Followed by a panel which included Ben Aaronovitch, Alistair Lavers and Johnny Nexus, the subject of which was the necessity of evil in stories. For anyone who wonders – I was all for it! Possibly slightly too enthusiastically.

And then there was the Maskerade – I was a judge! Can you believe it? The Maskerade is a sort of combined costume/talent competition and the standards were amazing. I loved it. I would have given everyone a prize – and probably never been asked back again because I’d spent the entire budget.

My time wound up with the Gala Ball, celebrating the marriage of Verence and Magrat. There were an astonishing number of toasts and things are a little blurry after that. I know I met the famous mathematician, Ian Stewart. I can only hope I didn’t make a complete arse of myself but I’m not optimistic.

We left on Monday morning, exhausted, chock full of memories and experiences. I think Hazel is posting some photos – if she can find any of me not clutching a glass of something potent and wearing a stupid grin.

Anyway, in conclusion, I would say to anyone considering future attendances – just do it. There were any number of St Mary’s fans there and it’s an amazing, fun experience. As that person said to me, ‘You will find your tribe.’

Jodi Taylor with Margarita
Jodi Taylor with Luggage
Discworld costumes
Jodi Taylor with Witch


  • Ulisa

    Good to see you again, we first met at ArmadaCon, Plymouth. Hope to met again! Xx

  • Jewels

    It was so lovely to meet (and drink with) you. Hope you can make IDWCON.

  • Matthew Binding

    You were wonderful. I didn’t manage to get to much of your events as was wearing purple. But seeing you in ops talking to us and signing things was great. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  • Debbie

    I was the cheese culprit! Many apologies but thank you, I have plans for it which will hopefully be completed this weekend!

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