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Mayhem - The Chronicles of St Mary's Time Travel Card Game (UK)

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This item ships from the UK. Mayhem's the ultimate fast-paced time travel challenge which incorporates all the fun, mayhem and jeopardy of The Chronicles of St Mary's series. Family-friendly, the game consists of two packs of cards including 12 jump challenges, department cards and, wickedly game-changing, mayhem cards.

Each player is dealt a jump card at the start which lists 6 departments required for their jump. Taking it in turns they take a card from the FUTURE pile and either keep it or discard it on the PAST pile.  There's plenty of mayhem - will the Time Police abort your jump? Or will you incurr a Deduction From Wages?

The winner is the first person to collect the 6 departments required for their jump and scores a possible 30 point. Anyone with pesky Trainees in their hand loses 5 points because, as we all know, Trainees are a liability! There are also deductions for certain Mayhem cards.

The game has been designed to be family friendly and is suitable for players aged 8+. It can be played with 2-6 people and there is a solo solitaire option. This is played without the jeopardy cards.

The Quotes Expansion pack offers new challenges with an optional drinking element plus 5 extra blank Mayhem cards. This will enable you to personalise your game by adding your own jeopardy or rewards cards. 

The game is being printed and manufactured in the UK to support British jobs.  

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