Some good news for a change

Hello everyone – a whole bundle of good news today.

In no particular order – I’ve just had my first vaccination. I wandered in, loaded down with potential reading matter, several notebooks and pens, some biscuits and an expectation of being in there for hours.

Well, that didn’t happen. I was straight in, clothes on the floor – you know what I mean – stabbed in the arm, into the waiting room for a bit of a really not needed sit-down and then released back into the wild.

Everyone was bright and cheerful – even me – and really well organised. I was so impressed. And then a lovely walk home along the canal in the wintry sunshine. And sausages for lunch to look forward to.

More good news – I’ve signed another a contract with Headline. The usual stuff. I offer them my soul and they publish another three of my books. We have:

Untitled St Mary’s 13 – published June 2022

Untitled Time Police 4 – published April 2023

Untitled Elizabeth Cage 4 – published April 2024

Together with the traditional Christmas stories, of course, and anything else I might feel like scribbling in the meantime.

The third bit of good news – for me that is – is the arrival of my sales figures up to the end of December. I don’t normally mention them but they are so utterly brilliant I felt I just had to say a huge thank you to everyone who has ever bought one of my books. Thank you so much. For an author there is no greater pleasure than curling up on the sofa, tea and chocolate within easy reach, and gloating over her sales figures. And just so we’re all clear – there was gloating. Massive gloating. World class epic gloating. And quite a lot of chocolate as well.

So thank you everyone for enabling my chocolate habit.

That’s it for today – I hope everyone gets their vaccinations soon and it all goes as smoothly as mine. And the weather will get warmer. And Another Time Another Place is out this coming April. In fact, I’m using the proofs for a footrest as I type – don’t tell Headline.

Happy Thursday everyone – and now I should get back to work. On the other hand – sausages for lunch!


  • Jill Walker
    Jodi Taylor. Thank you so much for all your books. I can hardly wait till another comes out !

    I have listened to them all. All through lockdown and without them I don’t know how I would have got through to be honest.
    Zara Ram. Is brilliant at narrating them. So I thank her to.
    Keep going my lovely. What an author you are.
    Thank you once again. Best wishes Jill

  • Pia W
    Exciting news! I only discovered your books during the pandemic, but I’ve since listened to all of them. They have been my haven of happiness on many long walks around deserted London and the Cornish coast, and I can’t wait for the new releases!

  • Lauren

    Please make St. Mary’s a tv series. I can’t get enough. It’d be the next GoT (obviously nothing alike) but in terms of the length and quality and the huge numbers who would watch. Please tell me it’s on the cards <3

  • Alyson Buckman

    I have been gobbling down your books for the last few months since a friend recommended them. All I have left are the Elizabeth Cage books… So hopeful that, even with Thomas gone, Frogmortan Farm will continue… That’s the thing about these books: you come to love the characters and don’t want them out of your life.

  • Carol

    Just another fan. Just another thank you for writing your fantastic stories that are such a great escape. I look forward to curling up with them every night before going to bed and immersing myself in the world of St. Mary’s. Having read through the series once, I am planning to do what I never do…and that is to start at the beginning again and re-read. I almost left the series once, but not being a quitter, I wanted to finish the book I was reading. There was such a stunning surprise delicious ending that it kept me hooked and I have never looked back. Have I said ‘thank you’ yet in all of this?!? I appreciate your wicked sense of humour, your flawed characters, the glimpse into Max’s internal dialogues and adfqoi qwoeiruqapwouasfa sdfaui oueriae! (that part was redacted so that I don’t give anything away). Love from Canada.

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