I’ve just taken delivery of my first box of organic vegetables.

I’ve just taken delivery of my first box of organic vegetables. Seven twenty-five in the morning – so we can now add healthy early rising to healthy eating. There’s a bag of something green – could be anything – seaweed? Grass clippings? Triffids? Along with two corn things, aubergines, peppers, courgettes, oranges and plums. Oh – and some potatoes. I have no idea what I’m going to do with any of it but I’m thinking veggie traybake. I’m not sure I could handle anything more complicated. With a bit of chicken, perhaps. Don’t ask me where this urge to consume vegetables has come from. It didn’t happen overnight – I’ve spent weeks peering at fruit and veg boxes. Actually, I do this a lot. I look at things for weeks before I buy them. Then I take the plunge to find they sold out weeks ago. Spontaneous I am not. The other thing I do – I also read diet books and feel incredibly virtuous afterwards – usually while munching my way through a Kit Kat. And then I read an exercise book and actually feel my muscles burn afterwards. I once invented the most brilliant diet. I read somewhere that one pound in weight is equal to about three and a half thousand calories so all I had to do was not eat three and a half thousand calories and I’d lose a whole pound. Thinking this will be easy, I marched boldly down the chocolate aisle in Sainsburys, strenuously ignoring Mars Bars, Dairy Milk, Dark Milk, Galaxy, Lindor and so forth. At the end of the aisle my estimate was that I hadn’t consumed about twenty-eight thousand calories. Did I lose any weight? Did I buggery. Obviously my healthy rising regime was kicked into touch once I’d unpacked this veggie cornucopia. I made myself a cup of tea and went straight back to bed again. Where I am now – deliberately not eating two boxes of Choccy Scoffy Truffles and thereby losing fabulous amounts of weight, darling! In my defence I write best in bed and once I’ve done my daily two thousand words I’ll get up and do something veggie related. I’m thinking of making Markham a vegan. He could sit drinking green tea and tucking into white and wobbly tofu. Does anyone else think that tofu looks like midriff fat or is it just me? Anyway, the Markham vegan thing. What do you think?


  • Caroline S
    Ooooh, we love our veg/fruit box deliveries, had them for years.Traybake great idea, when in doubt as to what to make:

    1)Roast all veg, serve with hummus( blitz a can of beans,olive oil , salt pepper)
    2)Make soup
    3)Blitz roast veg, mix with mince, add to spag bol, shepherd’s pie etc

  • Phil Williams
    I used to have a similar relationship to watching exercise videos – am sure I read somewhere that muscles sympathetically twitch or work making the viewer more toned! And sometimes the viewing provides much scope for hilarity. Laughing certainly uses a muscle or two.

    Markham a vegan … only under duress and moaning constantly, I would think. I could be wrong though!

  • Gina

    Spot on as usual Ms Taylor. Good luck with the veggies! We get a box every week too and I also stand and stare at it for hours 🤣

  • Annabel
    No, you can’t have Markham be a vegan because he has eaten too many pork pies and sausages already! He might shock Max etc by enjoying an occasional vegan meal, though. And tofu is Narsty.

  • Barb Rogers
    You could make a delicious omelet by frying up the mushrooms and onions and maybe peppers. Put some aside for another morning. Add your eggs and some cheese (ham or steak are good, too) and when done, plop a few slices of avocado. You’ll be through 1/4 of your box! 😀

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