The Muse of History - a FREE short story

The advantage of the lockdown is plenty of time to write. Here's a FREE story that gives a little background on Mrs Partridge.

CLICK HERE to download the story.


  • Jen Lutes

    This was great! I love how you share yourself and your writing. History teacher here, so your books are seriously, MY JAM! ❤

  • Elizabeth

    Loved it! i smiled and then laughed throughout. How about a new series? The Doings of Goddess K, aka Mrs P.

  • Christine Holt

    Delightful!!! Such a treat.

  • Eileen Sharkey

    I’m laughing and cackling out loud to myself. The dog is hysterical (he doesn’t read, he just tries to keep things in order when his human is behaving…like a human). This is just THE BEST Easter present ever!

  • Linda Moore

    As smooth, svelte and clever as Mrs Partridge herself. Could not have wished for a better Easter treat. Thanks a million, Jodi.

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