The Muse of History - a FREE short story

The advantage of the lockdown is plenty of time to write. Here's a FREE story that gives a little background on Mrs Partridge.

CLICK HERE to download the story.


  • Kristie Stamford

    I love it when 2 things I adore mix together, Greek Gods and Jodi Taylor is as wonderful as I’d expect it to be. Thanks for a beautiful interlude during this extraordinary time in history.

  • Duane Larkin

    Thanks for the smile, especially in these grim times.

  • Carol Mee

    Perfect way to start the day. I love these little episodes, I just didn’t want it to end.

  • Valerie Hope

    Jodi can brighten your day with just a few pages! It feels effortless but is brilliantly paced. Lovely!

  • Carol Sandland

    Thank you so much, you always know how to make us smile. Happy Easter, take care and stay safe xx

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