The Muse of History - a FREE short story

The advantage of the lockdown is plenty of time to write. Here's a FREE story that gives a little background on Mrs Partridge.

CLICK HERE to download the story.


  • Sarah Day

    Perfect, thank you. Would happily read an entire book on Mrs. P. Thank you Jodi you’re a marvel.

  • Cathie Withington

    Dammit, now i want to know more!
    Thanks, Jodi, that was a great read for the end of thd day (here in enzed).

  • Elaine Dalgliesh

    Absolutely perfect. Just what I need with my tea and biscuits this morning.

  • Andrew Wilkinson

    It’s got to sound cliche. I love these books. Eating for a serious interaction with the Vikings. Say on a raid. That little monastery in the north of england?

  • Dominic Rumsey

    Will there be an audiobook version like the toilet roll please. That was superb listening to Jodi was great.

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